Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meeting Margaret Cho and Supressing the Starfucker Reflex

A few nights ago we got to meet & perform with Margaret Cho. Cass and I saw her concert movie "I'm The One That I Want" several years ago on one of our first dates. It remains my favourite standup movie ever. At that time, the Wet Spots did not exist and neither Cass nor I had any intentions of doing comedy.

I don't think that we were consciously inspired by that film to start The Wet Spots, but once the act got going, we were inspired by her success. Every time a producer or gatekeeper or money man tries to convince us that we'll never succeed with material about butt plugs, group sex or bi-curiosity, we remember the notorious C.H.O.  and her adventures in TV land. (If you work or want to work in the entertainment industry as ANY kind of performer, you absolutely MUST see this film.)

So Margaret is a big hero to us, and it took every ounce of restraint I have not to blather on to her endlessly about how brilliant she is. This was a good idea, because I got to hear her talk instead, and she is a gracious, grounded person who's doing some great work.  As it was, we indulged our inner starfuckers by getting her to pose with us in a goofy-ass, touristy photo op. Which we are totally going to post on our page soon. HA!

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