Saturday, July 15, 2006

Review: San Francisco Bay Times

July 13, 2006


Radio-Free Pusspuss

Music Beyond Boundaries
By DJ Pusspuss

The Wet Spots
Hello Kinky
Campy Canadian kinksters, The Wet Spots, confirm
that sexual libido thrives north of the border on this
fun send-up of sixties comedy albums extolling the
virtues of group and oral sex, the trouble with dildos
in Texas and conversation openers ala Do You Take
It In The Ass? In the same throbbing vein as
Tenacious D or the Queens of Comedy you will get way
too much information but it has a good beat and soon
you may even wonder how to do the Labia Limbo. My
picks: George, Labia Limbo, Texas Annie, Piggy Pile
(Live) and Booty Call. Gig alert! The Wet Spots get
moist July 21 @ SFs Center for Sex & Culture.

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