Thursday, May 29, 2008


The thrill of the game

I'm really good at pursuing some things: shoes for example. Ditto wigs, vintage clothes, and underwear. I'm good at disguises.

With rare exception, I'm not very good at pursuing people. You'd think that, being an assertive rather dominating figure onstage, that getting dates or asking for what I want in my real life would come naturally. It doesn't. I turn into this knock-kneed, four-eyed, freckle-faced nerd. Well, not literally, but in my head. On the outside I am a lovely healthy vivacious person and on the inside I'm straight out of a Gary Larson cartoon.

I was talking about this to my friend the comedian and 'social acupuncturist' Daniel Packard. I tell him stuff like this and he calls bullshit. That's why I like him. Daniel has this way of laying out the game play that I really respect. He's watches social interactions like a coach watches a football game. Then he goes "Look, see how you tried to stand over there and make the ball come to you? Did that work, princess? No? GET YOUR ASS IN THERE, KING! HUSTLE!"

So I'm hustling. I'm getting my ass in there. Even though the helmet looks retarded with these shoes.


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