Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Videos!

John here,

We just put up a whole bunch of new videos on Youtube and our website. They're (mostly) from our performance at the Sydney Opera House in February of this year. There are songs, awkward personal anecdotes and even some spanking footage from Seattle. It was quite an adventure getting our hands on the footage, but thanks to the audio magic of Adrian Buckley and the video discipline of Marcus Rogers (of Cinestir Productions) it cleaned up real good. If you click on the player below, it will present a pop up menu of several short videos to choose from. If you click on the arrow to the right of this pop up menu, it will take you to two more videos. Or you can just click here to go to a separate play list page.

On another note, Cass and I will soon be hanging out at the log cabin my grandfather built about 75 years ago. (How very Canadian.) There we plan to relax, write some more extensive blogs and hopefully even a new song or two. Any suggestions for subjects? What aspect of sexuality should we satirize next? We try to veer away from the gratuitously gross (ie. no felching fox trots) in favour of more universal experiences (sexual frustration, curiosity, obsessive crushes etc.) We'd love to hear from you.

Also - keep your eyes peeled at the Village Voice's online sex column for an upcoming Wet Spots song writing contest . Prizes will likely include sex toys, videos and a ticket to our New York City show at The Zipper Factory on Sunday July 27th. Details & ticket links for that show are available here

Okay. That's it for now. Kisses all 'round you lovelies. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey John and Cass!

You were fabulous, as always, hosting the Burlesque show at the Tiki Lounge. I was also pleasantly surprised at the quality - and especially the originality - of the burlesque acts!

You mention song ideas, so here's an idea or two. I have no doubt you two can take these in very interesting directions: What do you do when both of you are interested in the same guy/girl? Conversely, what if you two were looking to have a threesome, but had completely opposite tastes in men/women? I can imagine a lot of your wonderful, sassy, back-and-forth banter in that song. ;)

Maybe I should save those ideas for myself - seeing you guys perform makes me want to write songs about sex! But there's room in this world for more than one song about threesomes. Besides, I already have one, so I don't want to be a one-trick pony. :)



j.i.g. said...

Hello Wet Spots!

I know I'm jumping on this thread kinda late... but I just wanted to say that, as an experienced obsessor, a song about obsessive crushes would be awesome. Also, how about a song about safer sex and its potential hotness? Too many people are hating on the latex.