Monday, July 28, 2008

Zipper Factory show rules.

Cass here -

Whoo nelly we've been workin' our butts off here in NYC. (Actually, I'm exaggerating, my butt is still firmly attached - was walking past an african american guy last night and he said "Now tell me somethin... when did white girls start to get black girl ass?" I was like "just lucky I guess, I'm proud!" and he goes "Say it LOUD!" and punches his hand in the air. He was a bit cracky but it was still awesome.)

So the Zipper Factory show was a total blast - a full house, a great audience, and wow the people who run the joint are fantastic. So genuine. It's a pleasure to meet the real people, you know?

See the post below for some tidbits from our show shot by the fantastic Audacia Ray from The Village Voice blog Naked City.

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