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Burning Man Fundraiser - Wet Spots LIVE DVD for auction!

OK, friends and fans!

Our Burning Man camp, freedomcommunity* is having a fund raiser auction and there's an item up for grabs that many of you have expressed interest in: A DVD filmed live at the Sydney Opera House. Look below for item #8!

We can't distribute this commercially so it's rare. And yes, we do intend to release a live DVD for commercial sale very soon!

And I've copied the text of the whole email so you can see all the AWESOME items up for bid!

*our address is 3:30 and Dart.

How the Fund Drive Works:

1. Continue looking down the page and choose one or more gifts that tickle your fancy.

2. Make sure you begin your bidding at (or more than) the Starting Bid (remember the money goes to making our camp great, so be generous!)

3. Make your bid! Email with the item number and bid amount in the subject of the email. Like e-bay, the gift goes to the highest bidder.

4. If you have questions about an item, you can email the gifter or

The Drive ends Thursday, August 14, 2007 at Noon PST/ 3pm Eastern.

*** Pass this along to friends and family that might be interested in these terrific gifts and goods ***


Item #1
A Cascadian Exploration: 3 full days for two people of either sailing in Puget Sound or mountaineering on Mt. Baker (you choose). Trained and experienced mountain guide/sailor included.

- sail on the Cal 27' "Spectrum" in Washington's San Juan Islands. Leave Anacortis on day one, and sail the winds and the tides to whatever location makes sense. Possible destinations include: the clothing optional hot tubs of Doe Bay Resort, the remote sandstone anomaly of Sucia Island, or the sculpture gardens of Roche Harbor. Sleep, live, eat and play aboard. Learn as much or as little about sailing as you want, good food, sailboat charter, mooring and slip fees, and skipper provided.

- mountaineer on the 10,400' volcano Mt. Baker, with summit attempt included (weather gods permitting). This option is best suited for the more fit amongst us. All group gear (rope, tent, protection and kitchen) as well as mountain guide (10+ yrs. experience).

The minimum bid for this auction item is $450 on this 3 day summer getaway for two (approximate value: $1,800). Offer good for two years (2009-2010) in the summer months (May - September) and subject to scheduling availability.

The highest bidder will need to provide their own transportation to Mt. Vernon, Washington (69 miles North of Seattle, a $27 shuttle ride from SeaTac airport) and all personal items (appropriate clothing, sleeping bags, footwear, etc.)

Starting bid: $450
Gifted by Paul Koubek

Gifts & Goods

Item #2
Teal Bird of Paradise Fur Hoop Dress and Leggings by
Custom fit available sizes 6-14ish. Needs hula hoop (fits standard cheap hoop).
From the designer: “This piece was in my Summer 07 fashion show and pictures are available on my website. The dress needs the measurements of the winner and I will need a few days to finish it to them.” Would retail for $400

Starting bid: $100 plus shipping $15
Gifted by Mercedes Hartman

Item #3
Pink Shag Fur Leggings by
Standard flair knee-high leggings with secret stash pockets. Leggings feature elastic and tie band with pom-pom balls. Would retail for $45

Gifted by Mercedes Hartman

Item #4
Teal Shag Fur Leggings by
Standard flair knee-high leggings with secret stash pockets. Leggings feature elastic and tie band with pom-pom balls. Would retail for $45

Gifted by Mercedes Hartman

Item #5
Pink Yeti Fur Shoulder Bag by
Good sized. Perfect to act as a daily purse or a fuzzy playa carry pal. Shoulder strap is long enough to fling over your back and forget about it. Extra pocket also placed in lining for small stuff. Would retail for $55

Gifted by Mercedes Hartman

Item #6
Aurora Leather Headband by Jen Laursen
Black leather stars accented with one pearlized blue star. Attaches with 2 snap clips. Made from leather scraps, buckram, glue. Check out the photo and the rest of Jen Laursen’s fabulous made-by-her-own-two-little-hands accessories at

Gifted by Jen Laursen

Item #7
Gorgeous Hoop Earrings by Shelly Kerry
14k gold filled handmade hoops, gold and copper dyed pearls and small vintage crystal beads. (Email and I will send you an image)

Gifted by Shelly Kerry

Item #8
"The Wet Spots Live at the Sydney Opera House DVD" plus a copy of "Hello Kinky" CD.
The Wet Spots are a sophisticated sex comedy duo from Vancouver, BC. Their music has been compared to "Burt Bacharach on Amyl Nitrate" (Sydney Morning Herald" and "Savage Love meets Schoolhouse Rock" (Susie Bright). This DVD is a 75 minute recording of the Wet Spots' stellar show at the Sydney Opera House, recorded in February of 2008. The DVD is not commercially available so it's RARE! For more Wet Spots info go to:

Starting bid $25
Gifted by Cass King

Item #9
Custom Art by Stephanie

Have a special occasion coming up and want a gift that is personal and meaningful? How about a custom-commissioned piece of digital art created from a favorite photograph! Stephanie specializes in creating digitally rendered illustrations based on photographs that use a combination of words, symbols, and illustration to send a simple and moving message. Past pieces have been used as a wedding gift from bride to groom, as a father's day gift from daughter to father, and as gifts between close friends. This auction item would entitle the recipient to a fully customized illustration, including an 8X10 print, based on a photo and message of their choice, completed in time for their special gift-giving event. Two to four weeks required for completion of art, starting from the initial discussion and the date Stephanie receives your inspiration photo. More samples of Stephanie's design and illustration work can be seen at

Starting bid $100
Gifted by Stephanie Rubin

Item #10
“Winged Gate,” a giclĂ©e print by BlackLight
Mixed media, 9 X 14, comes in it's own sleeve along with a certificate of authenticity.

Starting bid: $40
Gifted by BlackLight

Services & Experiences

Item #20 (SF)
Item #21 (NY)
The OneTaste Foundations Course (SF and NYC)
This weekend workshop will teach you to unblock personal barriers and connect to the world around you. Designed and taught by the experienced faculty of OneTaste, the Foundations Course is sure to stretch and to surprise, grounding you in a set of sustainable and integrated practices that have only one goal: To give you what you need to live a turned on life.

Next SF dates: August 9 & 10
The Foundations Courses runs 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday, one weekend a month. To discuss future dates, contact Justine (415) 730.8320 in San Francisco, or Rachel (510) 689.6384 in New York.

Item #22
1 hour breathwork / energy healing session (Pasadena or the Playa)

Welcome to the New World where we value WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Stephanie helps you get in touch with that truth. Release old thought patterns and feel the loving being within.

Using various energetic healing techniques, celestial language, essential oils, and David Elliot based breathwork, Stephanie will Clear/Repair the Aura, Release Entities, Stuck Thought Patterns, Chords to others,and Open The Heart so you can more easily Receive Your Own Truth.

Stephanie is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Professional Musician, and has completed Healer training with Scott Schwenk - David Elliot Based Breathwork & Seda - Energy Tools for Empowerment 1 & 2. She works with many Non-Physical Healing Masters.

Starting bid: $25
Gifted by Stephanie Erdel

Item #23
1½-Hour Photo Session with Award-Winning Photographer Emily Merrill (SF)
Check out Emily’s website to see the style of her work at

Starting bid $150
Gifted by Emily Merrill

Item #24
Item #25
First Session at Middle Path Acupuncture (Office in the Mission District of San Francisco)

From the doctor: “I am an integrative health care physician practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and hormone balancing. I am a general medicine practitioner and enjoy treating patients with complaints of insomnia, chronic pain, digestive problems, headaches, seasonal allergies, menstrual difficulties, to name a few. I am an ally and catalyst for positive change in my patients' return to freedom, comfort and ease in their bodies. I am happy to offer my services as a donation to the Freedom Community to support the free creative expression of this group.”

Gifted by Adam Wiscomb, M.S., Dipl. O.M., C.M.T., L.Ac.

Item #26
Reiki "healing energy" session (NYC or on the playa)
Suggested starting bid $35 (valued at $100)

A Reiki session with Lisa S. at her apt in NYC or in freedomcommunity camp at Burning Man at a mutually satisfactory time. The session will take between 30-60 minutes and involves channeling "healing energy" (a form of ch'i or qi) through the palms of hands. A state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, is usually the most noticeable immediate effect of the treatment, although emotional releases and healing can also occur. Expires Jan 1, 2009.

Gifted by Lisa Speer

Item #27
30 Minute Back/Neck/Shoulder Therapeutic Massage (on the playa, NYC, SF)

De-stress and unwind...I offer my services in NYC, SF, or on the Playa.
I combine Swedish, Deep Tissue, and energy work to relax, rebalance and rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Starting bid $25
Gifted by Val Greene, CMT

Item #28
2 Hour Private Yoga Class (Burbank, CA)

From the instructor, Christy Marsden: “The style I teach is traditional one on one yoga that works on the entire individual (their relationships, goal setting, physical health, behavioral modifications, etc). I have been teaching for 13 years.” Valued at $160.

Gifted by Christy Marsden

Item #29
5 class series at Yoga Blend (Burbank, CA)
Yoga Blend has over 70 classes a week to choose from. Check out their website at

Gifted by 
Christy Marsden

Item #30
4 Hours with Bob — Visual Marketing Strategy (SF, or via phone/email)

Curious about how well your marketing is working? Need a logo, or just some advice and coaching? Bob has more than 15 years experience as a designer, marketer and brand consultant. Check him out at

Gifted by Bob Gower

Item #31
Mac Help from a Real Mac Genius (SF)

Chris Kosley is the Greatest Mac techie the World Has Ever Known! Yes, he's THAT good! Steve Jobs personally credits Chris with *ALL* of Apple's success. OK, well it was actually some guy wearing jeans and a black mock turtleneck, but he was REALLY IMPRESSED!

Chris has done Mac tech support for over 10 years and worked at Wired Magazine, Apple Computers and helped other various & sundry Mac based clients keep the dream alive by nursing their sad, sick little Macs back to strong, virile SuperComputers blessed with amazing new powers! One of his clients was able to solve the Da Vinci code shortly after Chris simply laid his hands on it and cast asunder the evil demons dwelling within.

Wouldn't you love to have a Mac that's blessed by such a gifted techie?! Got some evil computer demons who need to be cast asunder?! Then bid on this 4-hour block of Chris's services (which normally run $100 per U.S. Hour) and start breathing easier, knowing that your Mac is handled by the best!

Gifted by Chris Kosley

Item #32
Internet and Computing Tricks and Treats — 1.5 hour phone consultation (anywhere)

Maybe you need to make a website or fix one, and don't know how or where to get started. Maybe you want to make your Blackberry work with Google Calendar, or use IMAP instead of POP3 with your email. Maybe you want to know what this stuff means. Talk with someone about it in an exploratory, helpful, and non-judging manner.

Areas of expertise: Web sites, privacy, productivity, backups, personal organization, calendaring, or social networking and social media, enterprise.

Alex has 12 years of experience in technology and he has helped some of the largest media companies in the world to make their systems idiot proof.

This service offering is for 1.5 hours of consulting over the phone with Alex Rollin to be completed in no more than 2 sessions, scheduled at least 1 week in advance.

Gifted by Alex Rollins

Item #33
Romantic dinner for two — in your own home! (SF)

Why go out when you can have two restaurant professionals cook you a gourmet meal and serve it to you in your own home? We will consult with you over the phone to plan a menu and atmosphere that suits your tastes. We are donating our time and labor. You will need to reimburse us for the cost of ingredients — we’ll stay within our agreed upon budget ☺

Starting bid: $100
Gifted by Harmony Niles

Item #34
Private Wine Class for You and Your Friends (Terroir Wine Bar, San Francisco)

Learn about wine the right way — in a hip place from a beautiful expert, certified sommelier Jeanine Gade. Jeanine will talk to you about your interests and arrange a guided tasting with instruction for you and up to 8 friends. Plan on putting $20 per person into a kitty for the wine; Jeanine is donating her time and expertise.

Gifted by Jeanine Gade

Item #35
A bedtime fairytale, poem, or story (place to be arranged by winner)
Read to you by a gifted reader ☺
Gifted by BlackLight

Starting bid: $40
Gifted by BlackLight

Item #36
Explore your shadow side — An Hour with Mistress M (SF)

From the mistress: “It is my pleasure to share with you the art of erotic dominance. My desire is to create a safe, non-judging space for you to play with your kinkiness through consensual power exchange. We will have a 20 min consultation (over coffee or on the phone) to talk about your desires and negotiate a scene that satisfies us both. We can schedule our play to take place in your home, or at the SF Citadel in San Francisco. (I will not engage in any acts that are directly sexual, illegal, unsafe, or non-consensual. I have an arsenal of implements and toys to satisfy us, but if you’d like something I don’t already own, you must provide it.)”

Gifted by Mistress Morgan

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