Friday, August 08, 2008


OK, folks! Big news!

The Wet Spots' Choir is a GO for Burning Man 2008.

Here's the deal: we're going to gather as many of our friends and fans as we can find and we're going to perform as a totally random, f*cked up choir at Burning Man.

Where: Center Camp, 8:00 PM Thursday night

What about rehearsals?
We're going to post some arrangements for songs here on our blog.
You download the mp3s and drive your friends insane by playing it in the car all the way from Reno.
Then you and your friends, thus indoctrinated into our nerdy sex cult, will join us for a rehearsal (Bwah ha ha!) on the playa.

Rehearsal: 4:00 PM Wednesday at our camp (freedomcommunity, 3:30 and Dart)
If you can't make rehearsal just show up and fake it.

Sound good? It's gonna be a riot!
Please drop us a line at cass at or leave a comment on this blog to let us know you're interested. We have absolutely no idea how this will turn out but it's gonna be fun.

-- Cass and John


James said...

I'm in....this will be fun!!

I'll drop by before Wednesday cause I have to work for the BRC Fire Department on Wednesday afternoon.

Cheers from the East Coast!


Greg Young said...

Great stuff. I am in too... experienced tenor who can read. See you Wednesday for rehearsal and Thursday night show
Greg / Smoke Blower

Luscious said...

Love your youtube numbers. I'm in a professional madrigal group, so I'm plenty experienced. I'd love to sing with you all on the Playa! I can sing soprano or alto. I'm an excellent reader if you have sheet music. See you at rehearsal Wed and performance Thurs. Look forward to meeting you!


Tanya, The Corporate Troll said...

ohhhhh yeah. i'm all about this.

love you guys! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

just got the live music schedule for BM and don't see you listed. I'll be there thurs @ 8 anyway. Wish I could carry a tune.


kristen said...

I am going to be there!!!! I am so excited that you are going to be at burningman!! I can't sing very well, but I will have fun anyway. Can't wait!!!

nymph said...

Oh my goodness! to see you at Center camp was amazing. I'd never heard of you, but some friends dragged me to the very, very end of your performance. I very much wish I could have been there for the practice and everything. Will you be there next year?!