Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trailer and Rehearsal

This last week has been a lot like sailing slowly to an unfamiliar shore through a foggy harbour. Slowly the outlines, contours, and finally the crisp details of the city take shape before you - and you can see the new landscape for what it is.

SHINE is taking shape before us all. The discrete, disjointed rehearsals of earlier in the process are now bearing fruit as seamless, flowing scenes and production numbers. The notes scrutinized individually are now coming together as great performances of songs. We have miles to go, of course, and there is no room for complacency. But this impossible imaginary world is blooming in all of its 3-d neon colour, texture and sound. And, for the record, this experience is WAY better than acid.

In May, we poured our hearts into creating a preliminary edition of this musical for Vancouver Burlesque Festival under the name "By The Seat Of Our Panties". The anarchic energy of that show was captured by a number of amazing videographers and editied into a trailer for the new show this August: Here it is, in all its 60 second glory:

As we carry on this path, I am grateful daily for the amazing team we have around us, helping us realize this unconventional vision. I owe you all a beer. And a vacation.

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The Mansion said...

If you are taking a trip to Sweden again, please notify us!
We are a small (in members) BDSM-club with huge space and many "play-grounds"/dungeons...
Even ball-room (about 300 peoples) and a specially nice, rustic pary-room (150 persons); both with stage for special performances.

If we could afford to have you here on a show, we would LOVE to!
Your humor and style are wonderful!