Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A brief description of our show.

So I was asked to describe our act and this is what I wrote:

Our typical set goes like this:

We look and act very classy: I usually wear a long evening gown or a peignoir and John wears a thigh-length silk smoking jacket, ascot, sock garters, underwear and no pants.  We get up on stage and do a little introduction which involves leading the audience in a pledge in which they put their hands on the crotch of the person sitting next to them and promise to “Go home tonight and make the Wet Spots huge”. Then we sing a song, usually “Do you take it in the ass”. Then we chat with the audience, play some more songs, get the audience to sing along with “masturbation, it’s OK! We all get to do it in a special way!”, get someone to spank me, turn around and spank them, have a long discussion about discovering your genitals,  sing a torch song about the quest for the female orgasm, and finish with a quirky little ragtime jazz tune about things you shouldn’t stick in your bum.  It’s a high-tone act, believe me.  Maybe I should send you a video.


It’s good to be the Wet Spots.

-- Cass

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