Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Like Burt Bacharach on Amyl Nitrate

... that was what a guy wrote about the Wet Spots in Sydney. Here's a Wet Spots update for you....

Hello friends and loved ones...

Just posted a few links to the Wet Spots group from our advance press here in Sydney, Australia. The shows at the Opera House are full and we're having a blast.

God, it's great to work in a pro theatre with a real tech crew. It's like suddenly being able to fly. You can just relax and do your job and not have to worry about the deaf sound man or the stoned promoter. It's freakin' magical, I tell you.

Had a funny moment with a lady last night ... I picked her out as the owner of a "rabbit" vibe and she said no, no, no... I don't own a rabbit! And from that point on every time i looked at her, she said "I DON'T OWN A RABBIT". And then she giggled hysterically for the whole introduction of "wherever you're going, I'd like to come". She was a hoot.

People are great here. the weather's pretty good, except for the sudden monsoons. It's a lot like Vancouver, except with bats. Really, really big bats. On Wednesday we walked back to our hotel from the Opera House and we watched a gigantic thunderstorm blasting across the harbour, all the while the sky was that peach-purple of an incoming storm, and the giant bats were circling overhead. It was a great date... for a goth.

We'll be back in the States soon to play dates in California and Seattle. Vancouver gig upcoming April 10 @ Lime.

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