Saturday, May 24, 2008

Burning Man Choir

OK, I'm really excited about this one - we are planning to attend Burning Man for the first time this year and we want to assemble a choral presentation of our songs.

I have loved choirs and musicals since I was a kid. I used to sing along to Grease and Les Miz and Cabaret, and do little acts in my mirror in my bedroom. I'm sure that surprises you. I've been performing in my underwear for YEARS. HAHA.

No, bur really... The power of choral singing often moves me to tears. there's some major mojo in the power of harmony and the human voice. Ha ! that would be a good Playa name. Major Mojo.

SO we're working on some acpella arrangements of our songs - right now, I think we're going to do Do You Take It and Bi-Curious George, (I Just Want to Fuck) Somebody Else, and maybe a new NEW BRAND NEW song from a musical we're working on, called "Everybody wants to be a Star" .... and we're open to suggestions for more.

The plan is to record the different parts and make them available for download in July, and to come together on the playa (allright, enough with your smutty mind!) to rehearse once, maybe twice.

OR NOT! What would that sound like? Anywhere from twenty to 100 people who have only been rehearsing from tape, presenting as a choir in our first and last full incarnation? that would be so burning man. It would probably sound like shit. But it would be so temporal, man. Yeah.

Anyways, personally, I'm all for rehearsal :) I think we're going to make an open call for all Vancouver burners who are interested to take part in a couple of rehearsals in Vancouver, just before the Burn. AND we're planning on being in NYC July -August and we'll make a rehearsal time there too!

So if you're interested, please email me at cass at

I'll probably be making a Facebook group for this project too.

SO - any suggestions from the peanut gallery as to how to pull this off? Tips specific to organizing at and around Burning Man would be much appreciated.


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