Thursday, June 19, 2008


John here:

Hey folks - just a short blog today because we're spending quality time with our folks up in the Rocky Mountains in Canmore. We got sent this link from some fans a few weeks ago. It makes me very happy.

It also makes me wonder - are our fans mostly nerds? And are we nerds? And will the nerds inherit the earth? And how has the concept of nerd-dom changed over the past 20 years? Has it lost its old sense of the four-eyed guy who's making a broadsword in shops class and come to mean some sort of semi-cool aficionado of the truly esoteric? Is nerd now a new subset of hipster? Someone who's into stuff so obscure that he becomes a 'scene' of one? And if so, what do we now call the truly socially awkward?

Feel free to weigh in on this most important of world issues. Do you identify as a nerd?

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