Friday, June 13, 2008

Kirby Ferguson Rules

John Here

Our friend Kirby Ferguson has been kicking ass. This is the guy who directed the videos for "Do You Take It...?" and "Fist Me This Christmas" and really helped to launch the Wet Spots onto the international stage. Or at least into the homes of a few million nerdy / kinky Youtube addicts.

Lately he has been turning the camera onto himself , delivering perfectly pitched one-minute monologues on everything from butt-cracks to "punch line piracy" to our obsession with lists. A few months ago Kirby landed the front page of Youtube with his observations on Trajan - the lettering used in just about every movie poster. Even more incredibly, he made this nerdy font rant into an extremely amusing and informative sixty seconds.

Kirby is now an official New York City hipster (no mean feat for a Canadian without an MBA and / or a defense contract) and a content provider for CBC. In this video, he talks about the 'nuclear option' of the IM, email, & comment section worlds

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