Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Virtual Variety

John Here:

We've just wrapped up our December tour of London. (Yes. You can tour the city of London. Trust me on this one...) and we had to add a few more links to some of the great performers we were fortunate enough to work with. Our final night in the city, we performed at a show called La Clique. It's a variety show on a long run in the West End. It is probably the best variety show in the world right now. Below are some of the other acts on the bill:

Mario, Queen of the Circus: When you look at his act it seems inevitable. But when you pause to think about it, though, it takes a very particular mindset and a very particular skill set set to conceive of and then fully realize a Freddy-Mercury-impersonating, Mediterranian leatherman musical sex-comedian juggler acrobat.

Miss Behave:
What's not to love about a latex-wearing comedic sword swallower?

The English Gents: Sure they've got the bowler hats, umbrellas, suits & ties, sock garters, Union Jack underpants and the most virtuosic acrobatic talent I've ever seen. But it's the cutup / straight man comedic characters they've developed to play off each other that really put this act in a league of gentlemen of their own.

David O'Mer:
Absolutely and unapologetically the most eroitc male acrobatic act on earth right now.

Camille O'Sullivan:
How can I even start to do this performer justice? She is the best cabaret-repertoire singer I have ever seen perfom. Watch this video. Then watch all her other Youtube videos. Then buy her album. And still you will have no idea just how magnetic she is live. So go see her live.

Yulia Pikhtina:
Um... If I say "Hula Hoop Artist", a lot of you will probably not bother to click this link. So let me instead say "Virtuosic Acrobatic Dancer". Okay... maybe that will make others of you decide to pass this one up. Here's what I'm gonna say: "WATCH THIS WATCH THIS WATCH THIS!!!!"

Okay. That's it for now. On to New York City in a weeek or so. Hope to see you there!


JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester) said...

I have to admit the Hand2Hand act in Zumanity may be a bit more erotic than David O'Mer (that one kicked my oral fixation into overdrive and I gave my drinking straw a working over that left my friend quite jealous), but my goodness that was one of the sexiest things I've seen on YouTube.

JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester) said...

I stand corrected, the name of the act isn't Hand-2-Hand, it's 2Men... and a short video clip is available at

Ken said...

John n Cass! Thanks so much for putting all these videos up. Congrats on all your success! Appy NeU YArrrrr.