Friday, December 12, 2008

Virtual Variety

John Here:

I love the variety show medium. I'm so grateful that much of my work week is spent watching these outrageous, imaginative and bizarrely gifted performers showcase just what the human mind and body are capable of. It's sort of like a daily affirmation. Of just how weird, wonderful, diverse and dedicated people are.

Unfortunately, this affirmation costs £80 a plate unless you happen to be on the bill. So I've hit upon this idea: From now on, when The Wet Spots are on a variety bill, I will try to find Youtube footage of all of the performers in the show and post them on our blog, so that our audience can love these people as much as we do.

This past week we've been performing at Bush Hall in London with a show called Medium Rare. Here are some of the other acts on the bill:

The Wau Wau Sisters - A wonderful, occasionally sappho-erotic musical comedy trapeze duo from NYC (here seen on Australian TV):

Earl Okin
- Musical Genius and Sex Symbol. One of the best musical comedians (or perhaps comedic musicians) currently working.

Alice and Alice
- Demented and creepy! Lewis Carroll meets The Shining! Here seen at the Edinburgh Fringe.

So & So Circus
- Hot, talented dance and acrobatics from the UK.

Captain Frodo
- Absolutely uncategorizble. Just watch this. You will never be the same.

Ursula Martinez
- A truly creative and inspired comic burlesquer. Here seen at Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal:

More great performers to follow over the next months as we tour around to other shows.


Anonymous said...

John - I typed the lyrics for one of your your songs up because I could not find them anywhere!

By The Wet Spots

Verse 1
It's Christmas time
and all through town,
The people run around,
Buying lots of pretty things they'll throw away.
But darling you've no need to prove,
Your love with gifts and trinkets,
You can show me that you care another way.

Just fist me,
This Christmas,
Do me underneath the Christmas Tree.
Leave the gifts,
Just bring the Crisco,
Cause Christmas means fisting to me.

Verse 2
I don't need decorations,
Or expensive celebrations,
Or a never ending spending spree.
Cause let me tell you mister,
The gift I can't resist is,
When you're buried to your wrist in me!


Verse 3
Now the snow is falling,
and the relatives are calling,
But we're letting it ring,
and ring, and ring.
Singin' Glory Hole-a-leuia,
A very merry to ya,
We'll be swingin' in the Christmas sling!
Da doo-doo-doo

Chorus & Ending
Just fist me,
This Christmas,
Do me underneath the Christmas Tree.
By the nativity scene
Fist me,
This Christmas,
Cause Christmas means fisting to me.
Cause Christmas means fisting to me.

Thanks, CaptainRat

fleur-de-licious said...

I just discovered your music and think it is hilarious! You need to come to New Orleans fo a show! It would be a sell-out!